It’s official, Vikings will be taking to the streets of Manhattan in 2020! We’re proud to announce the Jarl Squad are taking part in the Official NYC Tartan Week Tartan Day Parade!

Two weeks after the world famous bucket list festival, Delting Up Helly Aa in Shetland (where NYC Tartan Week President Kyle Dawson will have the honour of leading the squad on the bagpipes along with local musicians), the Jarl Squad is taking on the venture of attending NYC Tartan Week.

This year the group have teamed up with the Lerwick and Bressay squads on the joint trip across the pond, with a mighty 120 people traveling from Shetland which will include 80 Vikings, making it the largest group to date making the journey!

Stay tuned to find out a bit more about the iconic Vikings that we had the pleasure of first meeting in 2013. We are very excited to welcome back to NYC to help us celebrate Scottish culture!