“Four years in the role of Presiding Officer (or Speaker) of the Scottish Parliament carries with it many outstanding memories, but few stand out as clearly as the honour bestowed on me in leading the New York Tartan Day Parade as its Grand Marshall on 10th April 2010. A typically Scottish glorious sunny day (!), with the sidewalks of 6th Avenue bursting at the seams with enthusiastic supporters and the street itself full to the gunwales with pipe bands, dancers, kilts, highland terriers and almost all things Scottish, set the scene. What more could anyone possibly want? Caledonian enthusiasm, energy and warmth were palpable and all-embracing. If pride is indeed a sin then I must confess to over indulgence, because my heart simply burst with pride that day.
There is no better endorsement of the incredible ties that exist between Scotland and the USA—long may they last.
My grateful thanks and hearty congratulations go to the National Tartan Day New York Committee for making it all possible, and I wish them the very best of success for future parades.”
Rt. Hon. Alex Fergusson
MSP for Galloway & West Dumfries
Former Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament 2007–2011
Grand Marshall of the NY Tartan Day Parade, 2010