Hope everyone’s year is off to a good start.
And now that you’ve given up on those unimportant New Year’s Resolutions like “must cut back on snacks” and “must get thru email inbox,” it’s time for the IMPORTANT resolutions!
Resolution #1 – Get registered for the Parade!
April is only three months away, so click on the “Register Now” button to go to our new easy-to-use Registration Form. If you’re with an organization or a band, pick “Groups.” If you’re bringing your Scottish Terrier or West Highland Terrier, pick “Dogs.” And if you’re by yourself, pick “Individuals.”
Resolution #2 – Make those travel plans!
We’ll be posting more about hotels and travel info, so start counting heads.
Resolution #3 – Events!
Now that we’ve survived the holidays, we’re going to start filling in the calendar. If your group is doing a Scottish-themed event, let us know. And check the calendar often so you don’t miss out.
On to April!