Let’s welcome to the 2020 Tartan Day Parade proceedings!

Banff Castle Pipeband formed in 2009 by a Father and Son duo, Kevin and Andrew Cook, who are both pipers. Slowly, along with many family and friends, over the next few years the band grew into a fun-based marching band! There are currently 16 active band members and 6 or so learners in the wings.


Clad in Black Stewart Tartan in No2 Dress with the Drummajor in full No1 Regalia, they support as many of their local events as possible, ranging from fete’s to Highland Games.

The desire to attend the 2020 New York Tartan Week Tartan Day Parade has been mainly driven by the Drummajor who has wanted to attend for many years. When he finally decided to do it a few of the band members opted to accompany him.

The Drum Major is a Military Veteran with a full Colour service career in the Corps of the Royal Engineers (24 years Army) and was also born a bred in the town of Arbroath, location for the signing Declaration of Arbroath on the 6th April 1320 which formed the blueprint for the American Declaration of Independence.

We look forward to welcoming your small but mighty group to the streets of Manhattan in April!