New York City Tartan Day Parade - Saturday, 10th April, 2021   

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We invite you to march with us in the New York City Tartan Day Parade on Saturday, April 4th, to watch and cheer us on as the New York City Tartan Day Parade moves up 6th Avenue.

There is NO charge to march or to attend the Parade.

For those who have registered to march, The Parade starts at 2.00pm at West 45th Street and marches up 6th Avenue to 55th Street. Line-up is at 1:00pm and will be on the side streets near 6th Avenue and West 45th street. Refer to the Line of March to see the position of each unit in the parade and exactly where they are to line up.

Individual pipers and drummers that want to march with the mass bands can download the parade music below.

1. Scotland the Brave
2. Rowan tree
3. Blue Bells of Scotland
4. Bonnie Prince Charlie

If you have any questions about your registration, please write to

If you would like to make a donation there are various ways to support the Parade. Click here to learn more.

NYC Tartan Day Parade Registration

Are there any dress requirements for the parade?
There is no theme or dress requirement for the parade. Kilts, Tartan and anything that shows off your Scottish pride is obviously encouraged!
Do I have to know the exact number of people in my group at the time of registration?
Registration will close on or about March 1, 2020. The parade organizers will need to have your exact numbers before that date. Our registration team will send out reminders to make sure you have your final count in to us if you have previously registered. You need to have at least seven (7) individuals in order to qualify as a group.
Do I need to be a part of an organization, clan, or business to register as a group?
Not at all! Get a group of 7 or more individuals and create a banner for yourselves and come join us! Just please be sure to have one point person register you as a group instead of each person registering individuals!
How do I register?
It is so easy! Just click on the registration form and fill out the simple questions and hit submit. Make sure to hit the “I am not a robot” button. You will know that you have successfully registered when you get a confirmation email. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please go back and resubmit your registration. Still having trouble? Simply email and one of our registration team members will be happy to help!
How many people do I need in order to register as a group?
Any group of seven (7) or more individuals will be required to carry a banner and register as a group.
I am a member of a clan or organization that would like to register to march in the parade. Does each member of my organization need to register?
To avoid confusion and to have an accurate count of the size of each parade entry, the registration team requests each organization designate ONE point person. That person should be the sole person responsible for registering the entire group. There is no need for each person marching in a group to register individually.
I am a member of a registered clan or organization but do not know if anyone will be marching in the parade from that clan/organization.
We love helping people connect with each other and their clans or organizations! Email the registration team and we will help you connect with the point person for your clan or organization! If there is not a group already registered, you can get a group of seven (7) or more individuals together to march with you or register as an individual and we will put you with our “Friends of Scotland” group.
I am a pipe or drummer that is not affiliated with a band at this time. Can I still march in the parade?
Aye! Simply register as an individual piper or drummer and we will put you with the “Tunes of Glory” band. You can find the sheet music for the group on!
I am just a lad or lass that loves all things Scottish that will be in town and would like to march in the parade. Am I allowed to register?
Aye! You do not even have to be Scottish to join us! Just register as an individual and we will put you with our group, “The Friends of Scotland”. We welcome all and want everyone that would like to celebrate Scotland and Scottish heritage to experience the excitement of marching in our parade.
What are the rules for marching in the parade?
There are only a few simple things we ask. Be sure to line up in the designated spot given to you in the line of march. Everyone would love to be in the front, but with nearly 120 entries, it is imperative that we stick to the line-up that the organizers have designated. Each entry must walk in an organized fashion such as rows or a choreographed formation. Please don’t just walk as a mob down the parade route. We ask that your designated point person ensure that you stay organized and be sure that you maintain 10-15 feet between you and the group directly in front of you. You must have permission to distribute any literature or material to spectators along the parade route (this is typically designated for our parade sponsors). Please contact if you are interested in becoming a 2020 sponsor). We also do not have permits for motor vehicles and the like to be in the parade. Prams or small individual motorized scooters for individuals with disabilities must be pre-approved by the registration team.
When is the 2021 NYC Tartan Day Parade?
The 2020 NYC Tartan day Parade will be Saturday, April 10th, 2021! The parade steps off at 2:00 p.m. at West 44th Street and marches up 6th Avenue to 55th Street.
Where do we line up the day of the parade?
Line up for the parade will begin at 1:00 p.m. and will be on the side streets near 6th Avenue and West 44th Street. The official line of march will be posted on the website in advance of the parade with detailed instructions on where you will line up. You will also receive and email from our registration team with reminders and instructions in advance as well on where to check in prior to line up.